About Pamela

The Creator of the Big Family Search

Pamela Bailey is a nationally published author, a singer-songwriter, and a self-described “Carolina Daughter" living in Dallas, Texas.  She is descended from enslaved people from the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.


The importance of her family’s history was inculcated into her upbringing by her parents, who shared ancestral stories and music that had been passed down for generations. Having researched her family’s genealogy for more than a decade, history, race, and culture largely inform her music and writing. 

Pamela earned her MFA Degree in Non-fiction Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina, and her undergraduate degree in Business Marketing from South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She worked for many years as an adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas. While teaching world literature to her students, Pamela was inspired to create a lyceum to share the music and history of the African American experience that her students felt had been largely absent from their formal educational experiences.

Her projects afford her opportunities to collaborate with scholars in the US and internationally on the subject of forced migration of American-born enslaved people and the lasting effects of forced family separations on their descendants. Pamela currently resides in the DFW Metroplex, and she is a contributing writer to the website decolonizingthemusicroom.com.

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"When it comes to our ancestors, we don't get the glory, and we don't get the blame."
                 -Megan Smolenyak